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As well as raising awareness about the importance of early assessment, CARES are working alongside East Lancashire Health Trust on projects designed to reduce waiting times and the accessibility of diagnostic resources. One of our first projects is to support the raising of funds for a new Endoscopy Unit at Burnley General Hospital.

The Endoscopy Unit will allow in the region of an additional 5,000 sessions to be undertaken per year, helping to limit waiting times, diagnose more people and save more lives.

our-goalThe cornerstone of CARES is that money raised locally stays local to that community, so the money that is raised by the people of East Lancashire directly benefits them.

Supporting the early assessment and rapid diagnosis of Cancer in East Lancashire

Reducing waiting times and increasing the availability of rapid Cancer assessment and diagnosis

Improving detection of stage I & II Cancer to significantly improve survival rates

Raising awareness of the importance of catching Cancer early and reducing fear of Cancer as a barrier to early assessment